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Ekko International is a 100% Australian Owned Company.

Ekko International is the home of the original compressed cotton wipe in Australia. 

Ekko Magic was launched in Brisbane Australia in November 2006.

Ekko International is  based in Queensland, Australia.  We began field and market trials in Jan 2007 expanding nationally with agents and distributors in New Zealand, India, Columbia, Mauritius, Madagascar, Guatemala, Guyana, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. We attribute our strong growth to the environmental and ethical dedication of our distributors’ , retailers, agents and customers to help us meet our ultimate goal; to reduce urban waste and manage our cotton resource wisely through education of consumers. Our experience, and on going research has uncovered the amazing magic of pure cotton fibre.

Our Product:  Ekko Magic Wipes are hygienic and earth friendly multipurpose cloths. Made using a non-woven process from 100% compressed cotton. Ekkos are lint; chemical and preservative free making them safe for the most sensitive skin while being strong enough to clean windows with just water.  Ekkos naturally self compost in the ground in 12 to 14 weeks.

Product Safety and Storage: Ekkos pose no apparent or implied safety issues to Adults or children, and have been cleared by the Safety counsel of Queensland. It is recommended that ekkos not be placed in the mouth whilst in their compressed state as they do not taste nice and are very drying to the mouth. Ekkos should be stored in a dry cool place.

Ekko Specifications: Ekkos’ are created using patent technology

50gsm cotton fibre

Compression to 1cm x 2cm

Wet open to 24cm x 25cm

Yes ekkos are re-usable.  Unlike other wipes/cloths ekkos are incapable of holding onto smells, fats, oils and colours. There are no chemicals in ekkos and you don't need chemicals to clean them. Just rinse squeeze and let dry naturally.